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Body Piercing Aftercare

Your new new piercing is open wound and should be treated with care.  Healing times vary from piercing to piercing, anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.  Your piercer will let you know approximately how long your particular piercing will take to heal and any special care instructions needed.

As a general rule, it is best to clean your piercing a few times daily, as necessary, with antibacterial soap and water, and rinse thouroughly.  It is also recommmended to apply H2Ocean piercing spray between and after cleanings.

Microdermal implant piercings should also be held down with bandaids for the first two weeks.  Avoid clothing or activities that may get caught on new piercings.

For oral piercings, you will want to mix a solution of 50/50 Listering Oral Antiseptic and water.  RInse after meals, as well as morning and night.  Cold foods, such as popsicles, may help with the swelling and discomfort.


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