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The Darkside Family

Melinda O'Hara

Melinda is our manager and piercer.  She handles all the day to day operations here at Darkside Tattoo.  We would be lost without her.  Contact Melinda for appointments or information about the shop, or come in and see her for your new piercing.

Maddie Higley

Maddie is our new receptionist! She is here to answer all your questions,  set up appointments, and greet you when you come to the shop.  

Sean O'Hara

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Sean has been tattooing since 1989. He was the former owner and originater of Darkside Tattoo in East Haven. After owning a shop for over 10 years, and a slew of personal problems on his plate, sean opted to take the relaxed approach and work for someone else. For the next few years, he worked at Second Skin Tattoo in Meriden, CT. The guys there were great to work with, very talented, and true friends. Eventually, the time had come to move on, and Graphic Images Tattoo was opened with long time friend, David Hennessy. As time went on, it was time move forward once again, and Sean was to re - open the famed Darkside Tattoo!

Sean specializes in large custom work and has extensive portfolios, both at the shop and online. He prefers to work with bold color, but any style will spike his interest in a tattoo. Sean also enjoys the challenge of small intricate tattoos as well. "I love the challenge of getting details so small that people can't believe it's possible." So if your thinking of putting together some extensive work, give him a call, or come down and speak with him in person, and while you're there at the shop, check his portfolios of tattoos.

Marissa Falanga

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Marissa is one of our full-time artists, and had been tattooing for over five years now.  From 2008-2012, she studied studio art, in drawing and painting, at SCSU.  In 2013, Marissa came to us as a well-versed arist, and apprenticing under Sean O'Hara, she started on her career path to become a tattoo artist.  We are proud to say Marissa has finished her apprenticeship with flying colors and is a great addition to our Darkside Family!

Dave Racci

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Dave began his tattooing career in 2003, under the tutelage of Zee, himself, at Studio Zee Tattoo in New Haven.  At Zee's, he also had the opportunity to work alongside Christian Demenna and Christian Perez, both of which had a great deal to do with his growth as an artist.

After four years at Studio Zee, Dave headed out west, working at a few different shops in the LA area.  He ended up back in Connecticut a few months later, joining forces with a friend and fellow tattooer to open up Elm City Ink.  Elm City blossomed for four years, after which, Dave left, and started tattooing in a private studio for about a year.  Then, as fate would have it, Darkside Tattoo re-opened right down the street, and Dave joined the crew from the opening day.

Dave enjoys both black and gray and color work, and photo realism.  He takes pride in being a versatile artist, being able to do just about any style you are looking for.  At this point in his career, he has been taking on more large scale pieces, like full sleeves and backpieces.  Dave also excels at portraits, both people and animals, as his main focus is producing photo realistic tattoos.

Daniel Adamczyk

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Dan is the newest member of our Darkside Family.  Dan has been tattooing for over 5 years, and has worked at Painted Soul, and Tattoo International, both in Wallingford, CT. 

Cole Gridley

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Cole has been tattooing for over 10 years, and just moved to CT from Massachusetts.  Cole specializes in bold color, new school tattoos.

Matthew Kiley

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Matt Kiley has been tattooing since 1995.  He is the former owner of Tasty Pain Tattoo in Hamden, Ct. 

Matt will be with us part-time, on Friday and Saturdays.

Nick Trammel

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Nick has been tattooing since 1998, and was a previously a member of our Darkside Family many years ago.  He has recently rejoined the team, and we are so excited to have him back with us.

Manny Morell

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Darkside would like to welcome Manny to our Darkside Family!  Manny has been tattooing since 2006.