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Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11ish to 7ish

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After careful consideration, we are raising our prices.
After the past two years of drastic supply cost increases, we are forced to up our hourly rate to $165 per hour, and our shop minimum to $90.  Piercing prices will also be going up by $10.  We held off as long as we could, hoping our costs would... Read More

A little History of Darkside Tattoo with TattooNOW!
  Hear a little bit of tattoo history, Darkside Tattoo, and TattooNOW, with Sean OHara and Gabe Ripley on and The TattooNOW Show! ... Read More

About Us

Darkside has always delivered cutting edge artwork. We have always been blessed with a great team of artists, and are dedicated to keeping up with our reputation.

Sean and Melinda are proud to have Dave Racci, Marissa Falanga, Daniel Adamczyk, Matt Kiley, and Cole Gridley on the crew. Their artwork speaks for itself. We are all determined to keep Darkside on top.

Darkside Tattoo has proven to be an innovative custom tattoo design studio. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver state of the art tattoos and customer satisfaction. Bring in your own ideas, or we'll work with you to design the tattoo thats just right for you. Check out our extensive portfolios and see what we've done for our customers in the past.

Not many studios have ever acheived the fame and recognition of Darkside Tattoo. In the tattoo world, as well our local community, Darkside has become a household name. We are committed to continuing our legacy, and are blessed with another chance to move forward.

"Never underestimate the power of The Darkside"