190 Main Street - East Haven, CT 06512 / 203-469-9208
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11ish to 7ish


"Nicest tattoo shop ever, seriously.  The owners are such sweethearts." - Lauren C


"Congratulations Sean and Crew!" - Mike M


"Sean O'Hara killed it, exactly what i thought in my head it would look like, can't wait to finish it!" - Sean S


"I keep trying to give an excellent rating and it keeps saying it has 4 stars smh ... it's a conspiracy!" - Johnny L


"You guys rock!  Had the best experience yesterday getting my new tattoo! Thank You!" - Jennifer F


"Best Place to get a tat in CT!!!!!!" - Mike M


"The best shop" - Pat L


"Mikey's already done a cover up for me and he was a beast! Round 2 Thursday!" - Mike C


"Nicest people in the business!" - Charles M


"I can't wait to come again...i came here when it was on rt.80(long time ago lol) and my tattoo then is still rockin the same vibrant colors now and the experience then was as good as it was last year when I came thru and my friend got a great deal on 2 tattoos last year and even tho they were in a smaller place, the staff still made us feel right at home, and still handled business professionally..everyone was really nice and was like hangin out wit some really cool people, you know the ones who just ...i had moved and changed my address and I finally got the mail (6 months later) from my old address last week and since they moved they sent me and my friend a $25 gift card...we can't wait to use it..thanx again so much...oh and I love that Melinda loves Marilyn Monroe just as much as me" - Stephanie W


"I got a tattoo done by Marissa, and it was exactly what I wanted. She is very clean with her work and she makes sure everything is perfect. I will definitely go back to her for my next tattoo. Definitely recommend dark side tattoo very nice shop. Thanx again" - Victor N


"I have had a few tattoos done and I MUST say that I would recommend these guys over any tattoo studio around. The people are incredibly friendly, the studio is clean and their work is outstanding" - Lynn D


"Thank you guys so.much for fitting me in today. I also just received your gift certificate for Christmas and I really appreciate it. my recent move causes my mail to come a little late. see you in March!" - Sabrina D


"Today I received a handwritten thank you card from the artists at Darkside. I was so surprised at the sweet gesture. The artists at Darkside made me feel so welcome & comfortable. Izzy did my tattoo & I could not have had a better experience. He literally perfected my tattoo. He wanted it to be exactly how I wanted it. The care & patience he put into it was wonderful. He talked to me the entire time he was working. The tattoo I got has a very special meaning to me & he listened to the entire story & was actually interested.
I felt very comfortable & welcomed at Darkside & I will absolutely be going back.
Thank you guys to much for making my tattoo experience & my 21st birthday wonderful. You guys are really great." - Melissa R


"Congrats to my friends at darkside for their hard work and dedication to become who they are! I love you guys and can't wait for Tuesday!" - Joseph G


"Place looks great! Congrats & Best of Luck!!! Awesome job on Tiffs Tatt!!! xoxo" - Antoinette G


"Just wanted to say thanks to Troy you did a wonderful job on my Tattoo!I love it:)I will definately set up another apt with ya!" - Jennifer N


"WOW - I can't say enough good stuff about Darkside! Professional, friendly, super talented staff... I won't name favorites! Just so happy to have had the privilege to be a canvas - Francesca A


"I recently did a walk-in at Darkside, having had looked at the artists and shop online, and was truly impressed with the work that I was seeing produced. When I walked in there I had in mind what I wanted, and Izzy Morales took on the task and did an unbelievable job with the quality of the tattoo. For doing a walk in and not even knowing if I was going to get a tattoo what I walked out with will forever be something I live with and love living with!" - Jesse D


"I moved to the philly area about 15 yrs ago and was saddened when I came back for a visit and found Dark side had closed.. well now that I found out its been re opened its time for a road trip supper stoked" - Tony D


"Incredible service! shout out to Mikey Har for his amazing detail and talent. wouldn't go anywhere else for my tattoos!" - Jillian C


"In love with my tattoo! Thanks Sean! Super clean place. Definitely will be going back there :-)" - Arianna S


"Just had a piece done by Mikey! Super nice guy and incredible artist! Will definitely be seeing you all again! Thanks so much!" - Kellie G


"Had a consultation with Dave Racci we discussed what I was looking for I viewed his previous work saw how wonderful he is with animals and portraits. Watched his work on another client and realized the true talent he brings to the table!!! He did a beautiful Owl cover up on me and the detail work was far beyond what I had hoped. He saw the vision and made it a reality!!! Thank you Dave your the MAN!!! ♥
Now for anyone getting a tattoo do the research know what your looking for and find the one that works for you!!! I was looking for someone who specialized in animals and Dave was the artist for me!! If your looking for specifics find the artist that will deliver it!! Tattoos are forever and should be treated with the respect you, tattoo and artist deserve!!! I KNOW I was in the rights hands because I made sure!!!" - Gina F


"I love telling people my tattoo came from dark side!!" - Tiffany O


"Troy, thank you so much for working with me today, love my ink and I'll be back" - Johnna D


"Great tatoo!!! I'm so happy with it! Thanks Sean" - Renee N


"Thanks troy for my beautiful tattoo :0)" - Kathryn M


"Sean has done a # of pieces for me,He is the man!!! And the other artist r top notch too!!! They r the BEST!!!" - Joe F


"Awesome place very professional and friendly. I have gotten 11 tattoos by Troy and love his work amazing work. Thanks always. Highly recommended." - Rosie D


"Troy is the only person who will ever be allowed to stab needles through various parts of my body. He's THAT good. And, he didn't make me feel like an idiot for being scared on my first go around with needle piercings." - Fiona D




"Found my new home for tattoos. Probably one of the hardest things to do; find a nice clean shop with a positive and friendly atmosphere/vibe and sick artists. Dave Racci, you're amazing! I can't even tell you how many compliments I've gotten on my arm and how many referrals I've given" - Tiffany S


"Love the work izzy did so far will post a picture when my arm is done cant wait best work.. i called on the busiest day and izzy took me right in that day.." - Phillip C


"Troy did an amazing job on my tattoo in memory of my grandmother! I recommend this place to anyone! Great tattoos @great prices! Looking forward to seeing Troy again in the future for another piece." - Alex G


"I shopped around forever for the right place and artist to do an eagle and flag on my arm and couldn't be happier with the results with Darkside.  Not only is the work that Dave Racci did incredible, but everyone in the shop is very welcoming and friendly.  They are all great people that make you feel welcome and best of all, they do incredible work.  Best shop in CT in my books.  The thank you card they sent me in the mail really concluded my opinion of this being the best shop." - Cory O


"A very friendly clean shop with great artists.  A+ in my books!" - Chris F


"Darkside Tattoo is by far my favorite tattoo shop. I've been to various tattoo shops before learning about this establishment and all I can say is that Darkside Tattoo blows all of the other tattoo shops out of the water. I got a thigh piece done by Mikey Har and I couldn't be happier with it! He is a very talented artist and he goes above and beyond for his clients and takes his time. The shop itself is very clean and pleasant, Sean and his wife are lovely. They are very kind and make you feel welcome. I was very surprised to find a thank you note today in my mailbox for getting my tattoo from them and they even included a $25 gift card! As I said they go above and beyond the average tattoo shop and their work is fantastic. I will definitely be coming back for more tattoos!" - Lauren C, East Haven, CT


"Amazing, talented group of artists. Truly a professional shop and i would would not go anywhere else for a tattoo!!!" - Robert M, Guilford, CT


"Best attitudes and great artists ...Highly recommended ! Feel at home there.... Thanks Sean for the amazing art !" - Charles M, North Branford, CT


"The darkside is a great place to get a tat! People are great. Dave Racci is so talented! I've recommended Darkside to so many people! I will be going back" - Meredith T, Ivoryton, CT


"I have nothing but good things to say about Darkside. Clean, professional and comfortable shop, very friendly person at the desk. Nice assortment of body jewelry and staff is very knowledgeable about the products and services they provide. I have gotten several tattoos from 3 of the artists there and never had a complaint. Sean O'hara has built himself a top notch crew of artists that each have their own superior strengths. I would and do highly recommend them to friends and family or even people on the street that stop me to ask where I got my ink done. They make you feel at home and part of the family." - Michael D, East Haven, CT


"Mike is the man..thanks for the new ink...." - Joe I


"I absolutely love my tattoo. Troy did an awesome job, and I honestly can't wait to come back. I also wanted to say thanks for the gift certificate and thank-you note I received in the mail today. Was really thoughtful of you guys. And like I said, I'll be back soon for more ink". - Yesenia C


"Just got my tattoos done yesterday and I love them. Mikey Har is awesome, he did a amazing job." - Valerie F


"While I don't have a billion tattoos or anything, the one I got today is the most meaningful to me. Izzy not only perfected the tattoo exactly how I wanted, but was incredibly meticulous about it. He made sure this tattoo was exactly how I pictured it & his work absolutely blew my mind with how gorgeous it came out. Not only is he an amazing artist, but he made me feel really comfortable (especially when I was shaking like a leaf in a tornado, haha). He was really friendly & held a conversation while he did his work. I have never had an artist make me feel as comfortable as he did & I will definitely be requesting Izzy to do my other tattoos in the future." - Melissa D


"If I didn't live two states away, I would only come to Troy for the rest of my tattoos. He was super friendly, payed attention to detail and really made my experience there wonderful. Thanks for everything!" - Autumn S


"Sean you are an amazing artist I wouldn't go anywhere else but to Darkside , The Best!!!" - Luann S


"Awesome best tattoo I've ever had" - Leda A


"Mikey Oh supa nice with the tatts!" - Johnny L


"Everyone always ask's me about my tattoo, they all love it! and i always tell them Dark Side...Its beautiful, thanks Sean!" - Hollie H


"They did a fantastic job! Thanks IZZY!!!" - Jessie C


"Perfect outlining across my chest and fill- best tat shop in n.h. County by far. this is # 11" - Mark M


"Best artists in ct...wouldn't go anywhere else!!!" - Gary S


"I got tattooed here and puberty struck instantly. Become a man, get tattooed here." - Shaun T


"Awesome shop!" - Jaqui M